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LaMet Wilson, Owner

After high school, LaMet Wilson moved to Los Angeles, California and enrolled in Los Angeles City College, where he took radio communication classes.  While at LACC, he was drafted into the Army.  After spending two years in the military service, he used his GI benefits to pursue a broadcasting career.  He started at Columbia Broadcasting School and then enrolled in the Career Academy broadcasting school in Hollywood, California, both of which he was unfortunately, kicked out before completion because of his speech impediment.  After Career Academy, he attended the Don Martin School of Communications to get his First Class FCC license.  With that step completed, he bought a transmitter and began broadcasting live from his own radio station.  One day, the FCC knocked on his front door and asked him very politely to cease transmitting because it is against the FCC Rules and Regulations to broadcast without proper permits.  LaMet complied but never gave up on the idea of owning his own radio station.  A friend later told him about a radio station operating in San Bernardino, California called KTOT-FM.  He began working 12:00AM-5:00AM, and he replaced the Program Director within two months.  KTOT gave him the opportunity to give serious young disc jockeys a chance to get on-air experience.  He also enjoyed the chance to meet and work with some beautiful people, including Rahsaan Jackson, who now works with LaMet at KEPX Radio.  LaMet left KTOT as Program Director to go back to driving a bus.

While still residing in Los Angeles, he continued to pursue his dreams, and he began recording a three-hour radio show for Community Radio XHIM, located in San Diego, California.  Soon afterwards, he started working for “The Soul Express” in Los Angeles, and from there, he workied with S J Chestnut founder of KFBBI, also known as “The Funky Boggie Brothers, Inc.” mobile radio communication disc jockeys in Inglewood, CA.

He finally decided to leave radio to pursue other business ventures.  He owned a panty hose company called Peacock Hosiery and a tour bus company, named Alymet Express.  He is also the co-founder of PEP Wireless, but he could never get radio out of his blood.  This journey of birth and rebirth has brought him to where he is today, with an unstoppable zest to start a 24-hour radio station designed to uplift people through Inspirational Music, Gospel, Quiet Storm, Neo-Soul, Smooth Jazz, R & B, and Motivational Talk.  Thus the name “KEPX” means Knowledge Empowering People Extraordinaire.  The 10.5 means that, on a scale from 1 to 10, we are 10.5!

That is how a disc jockey named CAPTAIN MET was born.

Diane Meadows, General Manager

Lady Dee is from San Diego, CA, currently residing in Las Vegas, NV. She is CEO/Founder of Unlimited Lifestyles/Entertainment and Lady Dee TV along with other businesses. She is an entrepreneur with an emphasis in Film, TV and Radio! she has been General Manager for KEPX Radio and The Soul Xpress since April 2011. She currently hosts shows on KEPX Radio AM and FM stations as well as on her Lady Dee TV platforms.

Diane is Founder and CEO of Unlimited Lifestyles and Entertainment, which is comprised of several different entities:  Fitness/Nutrition and Lifestyle, Document Processing Services, and Promotions/Productions and Management.  She has been producing and promoting events since 1988 and has managed several local groups and artists in San Diego.

Diane started “Dream Journey, Inc. in 2010, when she realized that she was on a journey to reach her dreams, as well as on a mission to help others to reach their dreams too.